Visual Art Instruction

Students who produce their own ART experience the intense satisfaction of making their own artwork, one that reflects their learning, patience and ability.

The goal of the art program at PRM is to heighten awareness in students of the visual arts in the world; past and present. This is accomplished through the study of art history, the work of various artists, and hands-on studio work in many different media; drawing, painting, clay, fiber art, collage and sculpture.

Students create artworks which demonstrate a growing understanding of materials, processes, tools, media and techniques. They develop in the use of art elements, principles and images to communicate their ideas.

Kindergarteners are introduced to the elements of line, shape, color and texture through the life and work of important artists and they use the knowledge they acquire, applying it to their own original artwork. Fine motor skill development is facilitated through drawing, painting, coloring and cutting.

6 – 9 students continue building their skills through drawing, painting, modeling clay, mask-making, weaving and soft sculpture in two and three-dimensional works.

9 – 12 students learn to recognize and describe visual art forms and artworks from various times, places and cultures. Students explore different periods of art history, from cave paintings to contemporary art.

Art EducationFamilies are invited to create artwork together at family art nights throughout the school year. During family art night, the art room is opened with projects and materials so families can create together.

Art holds a special place in the curriculum. One of the great beliefs of an art education is that the teacher can guide the students into making their own artworks. This requires both imitative skills and creativity. The student moves from the process of copying a model into the production of something more original and personally expressive.

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