PRM is a busy place! New activities are being added all the time, and anyone can talk to our Resource Coordinator about adding a new club or activity. Here are some examples of activities. Please click on the pull-down menu for specific activity sponsors.

Extra-Curricular Activities


  • Soccer (Boys/Girls in Fall and Girls in Spring)
  • Volleyball (Fall)
  • Basketball (Winter)
  • Cheer (Winter)
  • Baseball / T-Ball (Spring)
  • Track (Spring)


  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts


  • M.O.R.E. Club
  • Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
  • Jewish Family Services BIG & Little Program


  • YMCA of Greater Cincinnati 21st Century Reading Lab
  • TEAM Works with Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church (off site)
  • Whiz Kids with Crossroads Church (off site)
  • Daytime Tutoring Program with Tutor Coordinator

Family / Community Engagement

  • Building Relationships with Beech Acres Parenting Center
  • City Link Center and Partner Services
  • Community Garden Nights with The Garden Committee & Imago Nature Ranger
  • Family Literacy Nights with YMCA of Greater Cincinnati
  • Family Art Night with Kate McGreevy

Summer Enrichment

  • Imago Nature Camp
  • “Camp Invention” Science Adventure Camp
  • Summer Stars Program
  • Power Scholars Academy with YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

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