Staff Directory

PRM is proud of the excellent teachers at the school. With a diverse background and a team-focused teaching method, they bring our students a wealth of knowledge.

Office Personnel

NamePositionPhone NumberEmail
Chris CollierAssistant Principal(513)
Stephanie HughesSupport Specialist(513)
Support Specialist(513) 363-4401
Evon SaddlerSecurity Specialist(513)



NameTeamSubject/PositionRoomPhone No.Email
Abby Vagedes9 - 12ELA Teacher3315(513)
Alia Williams-Tolbert9 - 12Team Leader3302(513)
Allison Frazier9 - 12Cultural Studies3303(513)
Amber Neff9 - 12Cultural Studies3313(513)
Amy ScroghansIntervention Specialist3317(513)
Andrea Bennet6 - 9Teacher1121(513)
Andrea Havens9 - 12Teacher3312(513)
Andrea Klocke6 - 9Paraprofessional2204(513)
Angela HelferichSpeech/Language Pathologist1136(513)
Angela RobertshawResource Coordinator2238(513)
Ashley GreenKTeacher1107(513)
Barry HarknessPlant Operator(513)
Bev TroutmanVisiting Teacher1136(513)
Brandi Robinson9 - 12Paraprofessional3304(513)
Carmina PattonKTeacher1116(513)
Catherine Guimaraes6 - 9Teacher2215(513)
Christa Cafferky3 - 6Paraprofessional1103(513)
Cody Walter9 - 12Math Teacher3301(513)
Colleen Arbuckle6 - 9Teacher2213(513)
Darryl Brockman9 - 12Paraprofessional3312(513)
David ChurchSpecialsTechnology Instructor1130(513)
David Wymer9 - 12Paraprofessional3301(513)
Deborah Allen6 - 9Paraprofessional2202(513)
Debra Morrow-Soward6 - 9Teacher2204(513)
Dominica GriffinISS1146(513)
Elizabeth Lyons6 - 9Teacher2203(513)
Ellen Vahue3 - 6Teacher1115(513)
Greg Evans9 - 12Paraprofessional3313(513) 363-4425
Iiyob Howard9 - 12Paraprofessional - MORE Advisor3319(513)
Jackie BonfieldGifted Teacher3116B(513)
James Katenkamp9 - 12Math/Cultural Studies3314(513)
Janet Teske6 - 9Paraprofessional2220(513)
Jason PolandTutor & Volunteer Coordinator1127(513)
Jennifer Adamson3 - 6Team Leader1105(513)
Jessica RothwellIntervention Specialist1120(513)
Julia Healy3 - 6Paraprofessional1115(513)
Justin Drew9 - 12Paraprofessional3314(513)
Kate McGreevySpecialsArt Teacher1141(513)
Kathy KentonNurse2236(513) 363-4421
Kenya Sanders6 - 9Team Leader2202(513)
Kim GarryOccupational Therapist1136(513)
Kimberly Everage O'Bryant6 - 9Paraprofessional2212(513)
Lauren Whistle6 - 9Teacher1133(513)
Laurie Brady6 - 9Paraprofessional1118(513)
Laurie Elliot-Nichols9 - 12Paraprofessional3315(513)
LeRenda Sims6 - 9Paraprofessional1121(513)
Leslie Cohen9 - 12Math Teacher3319(513)
Linda Clark6 - 9Paraprofessional2213(513)
Madeline Muhammed9 - 12ELA Teacher3304(513)
Marcia LeveringKParaprofessional1107(513) 363-4445
Marcy BernsK - 3Reading Specialist2217(513)
Maria KitsinisSpecialsMusic Teacher1147(513)
Mariah Kennedy3 - 6Paraprofessional1101(513) 363-4448
Maureen Simon3 - 6Teacher1103(513)
Meredith HenkenbernsReading Lab1132(513) 363-4482
Michelle McCollom6 - 9Paraprofessional2214(513)
Nancy Monak6 - 9Teacher2214(513)
Paisley Starbuck3 - 6Teacher1117(513)
Rebecca Joyce6 - 9Teacher1118(513)
Rebecca ScheererIntervention Specialist2201B(513)
Robyn ColemanSchool Psychologist2233(513)
Sam NicholsKParaprofessional1107(513)
Sarah Loquist6 - 9Teacher2220(513)
ShaDonn Stewart9 - 12Intervention Specialist3316A(513)
Shawn Williams6 - 9Teacher2212(513)
She'Lela Thornton6 - 9Paraprofessional3303(513)
Sue Sullivan3 - 6Teacher1101(513)
Susan Ricciardi3 - 6Paraprofessional1117(513)
Tamara McLean6 - 9Paraprofessional1133(513)
Thea HigginsLunch Room Manager(513)
Therese Hertlein6 - 9Paraprofessional2203(513)
Thomasina Rollinson9 - 12Paraprofessional3303(513)
Tiesha Hankerson6 - 9Paraprofessional2220(513)
Tiffani Johnson9 - 12Paraprofessional3302(513)
Tiffani Wills6 - 9Teacher2201(513)
Tonya Duke3 - 6Paraprofessional1105(513)
Wendy PuthoffIntervention Specialist2215A(513)
William ThomureSpecialsGym TeacherGym(513)
Zakiyah Phillips6 - 9Paraprofessional2201(513)