December 4 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Big News

Hello PRM Community,

As we move into December we will be focusing on the L in Go Global and we will emphasize Learning New Way! We will also be focusing on the C in PRM ROCKS! for our character education focus. The C signals a focus on Compassion. This month we want to help the children understand the importance of compassion in our communities. We also want to model compassion and one way to do this with one another is by focusing on empathy. I have attached a video that I shared with the staff that helps to explain the difference between empathy and sympathy, and helps to show the connection between empathy and compassion. Empathy enables us to make something better through connections. If you would like to view that video, please click the link below:

Click HERE to download the weekly community newsletter for this week and next week. It also includes the agendas for this week’s Monthly PRM Summit.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Jenny L. Mauch
Principal – Pleasant Ridge Montessori

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