Donuts For Dudes

March 23, 2018 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Pleasant Ridge Montessori
Donuts For Dudes @ Pleasant Ridge Montessori

Donuts for Dudes is for all the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers… all men who make difference in the lives of our children, and support them at PRM.

Bring your student directly to the gym until school breakfast is over, then enjoy a treat and festivities.   NO PARKING available at the school (Faculty and Staff only!!!)  You may use street parking on Lester and surrounding areas.

*For students receiving breakfast, please go to the cafeteria and pick up breakfast.  You will be given a brown bag at the end of lunch line to place your breakfast in the bag.  Then go to the gym for the guest speaker and activities.  You cannot eat your breakfast until donuts are served in the cafeteria @ 8 am.  (There is no eating permitted in the gym)

If your dude can’t make it, don’t worry… ALL STUDENTS WILL BE GETTING A DONUT TREAT IN THEIR CLASSROOM as part of this event and in celebration of the men who support our students and community.  Each classroom will have a community volunteer who will sponsor the class.  They will spend time sharing donuts and participating in activities related to the day’s event.

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