Monthly PRM Summit

Monthly PRM Summit
November 1, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Pleasant Ridge Montessori Cafetorium
5945 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45213
Monthly PRM Summit @ Pleasant Ridge Montessori Cafetorium | Cincinnati | Ohio | United States

Join the entire school community for our schoolwide Monthly PRM Summit!

This month’s theme: 

Hear from the new superintendent, then let’s get to work!


6-7:00pm: General Assembly

The first half of the meeting is a General Assembly, with Principal Jenny’s monthly stakeholder report, a Community Learning Center report, and a presentation and discussion about a current topic at PRM.

TONIGHT: Exciting and BIG news – our new superintendent, Laura Mitchell, will attend the meeting and speak to our community about CPS! And we will collect feedback on what matters most to you and what you would like to work on together as a school community. For example, is testing information something that you want to hear more about?  Would you like to talk about the community traffic concerns? Enrollment and spacing?  This is an opportunity for you to let us know what you see as school priorities and what would like highlighted in each of the General Assembly meetings so that we are working together to continue to propel PRM to be the premier neighborhood Montessori School in the nation!

Time Task Result Who
5:45 Light dinner and networking Deepen and extend the PRM community Host: LSDMC
6:00 Welcome Introduction to November Meeting and Ms. Mitchell; Explain notecards system for questions Jenny Mauch – Principal
6:05 Meet Our CPS Superintendent Introduction to Ms. Mitchell and District Focus Laura Mitchell – Superintendent
6:15 Stakeholders report Increase knowledge about PRM’s responsibilities Jenny Mauch – Principal
6:30 Community Learning Center (CLC) Report Increase knowledge about PRM’s support system Angela Robertshaw – Resource Coordinator
6:45 Rolling Up our Sleeves Sticky Notes to identify interests, concerns, needs – both short and long term – to guide General Assembly topics and community fundraising efforts Jenn Kramer-Wine – LSDMC Chair
6:50 Q&A: Review Index cards Clarifying questions answered regarding Stakeholders or CLC Report Jenny Mauch – Principal; Chris Collier – Assistant Principal; Angela Robertshaw, School Resource Coordinator
6:55 Adjourn to break out groups

7:00-8:00pm: Special “roll up your sleeves” meeting with PTO and Foundation

Normally, for the second half of the meeting, PRM’s leadership groups break out into separate rooms, and you can join whichever meeting you’d like: PTO, PRM Foundation, or LSDMC (Local School Decision Making Committee).

For this meeting, LSDMC will break out for its monthly meeting, but PTO and Foundation will lead the community in a work session, taking the ideas from the first half of the meeting and breaking into small groups to answer some key questions that will help us define future initiatives for the school.

After the meeting: PRM Community Social

After 8pm, join the PRM community for a social at the Gas Light Cafe in Pleasant Ridge. A representative from each leadership group will be available to answer any questions you may have about PRM and the PRM community.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Before every Summit, we will post a link to a Google doc with the agenda for each portion of the meeting.

Additional Information


Each meeting includes free food, sponsored by PTO, Foundation, or LSDMC, so if you don’t have time to feed the kids before the meeting, no problem! Details will be posted here closer to the meeting.


Free childcare is available throughout the entire evening, from 6-8pm. Children must be potty-trained; children who are not potty trained are welcome to join their parents in the meetings.

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