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Letter from Principal Jenny

Welcome Letter from Principal Jenny Mauch

Dear Families and Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Pleasant Ridge Montessori School. PRM is proud to have created a peaceful, collaborative and diverse school community that is focused on authentic student learning. I am honored to serve as the Principal at Pleasant Ridge Montessori, in a school community that is truly special and unique.

The PRM staff works diligently to offer every neighborhood child a quality Montessori education, collaborating with community partners in a peaceful and environmentally-conscious setting. Our school community recognizes the importance of understanding the whole child, and our teachers work to identify each child’s specific needs and strengths. Each classroom teacher works with an Instructional Para-professional to structure learning opportunities that enable the children to reach their highest potential.

Students at PRM benefit from the instruction of highly qualified teachers, and well-trained support staff. A rigorous Montessori curriculum aligned with state standards in all academic, physical and performing/visual arts areas, brings out the individual gifts of each student.

For example, children have the opportunity to participate in lessons aligned with state standards in our garden, to participate in field experiences in our community, and to engage in school-wide projects throughout the school year. Beginning in our ages 3-6 classrooms, students are held to a high set of expectations and engaged in various educational tasks tailored to each child’s specific needs. As students continue their educational experience in the 6-9 and 9-12 classrooms, children develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that enable them to continue on to successful secondary school experiences.

At PRM, we believe that family and community engagement help to make a truly successful school. Our school community supports one another through a variety of school events, family activities and fundraisers. PRM is a Community Learning Center, and our partners provide a variety of co-curricular and afterschool programming for families.

We hope that you will consider joining our school community, and see why we truly believe that Pleasant Ridge Montessori is a special place. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Jenny Mauch