PRM wants our student’s parents and family members to have access to the tools and support they need to help make our students successful. Learn more about Parent Expectations and great online resources like Power School to give you insight into your child’s individual performance, as well as Family Help Nights, where PRM volunteers come to your community to help the entire family with homework challenges.

Have a question but don’t know who to ask?

Not sure who to talk to about after-school options, emergency drills, flier approval, PowerSchool, or other questions? Consult this “Who Do I Go To?” guide.

Wednesday Folders

Written communication is the primary method of contact between the schoolhouse and parents. Every Wednesday students will come home with newsletters, flyers, and other communications from their teachers, PTO, Foundation and others. Sometimes it is necessary to send information home on days other than a Wednesday, though, so parents should be sure to check their child’s backpack daily for:

  • Graded papers
  • Homework assignments
  • Field trip notifications
  • Calendar changes
  • Updates
  • Newsletters

Family Engagement Pledge

As a parent, family member, guardian or caring adult, I hereby pledge to spend at least 10 minutes per day talking with my student about school, including what my student is learning in class, what good things are happening at school, and how I can help and be involved.

I also commit to maintaining consistent contact with my student’s teachers and/or school team to support my student’s academic success. I recognize that because I am an important partner in my student’s lifelong success, I am empowered to speak up when necessary.

Click HERE to download and sign the pledge.

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