New & Prospective Families

Tours and Observation

If you are interested in learning more about Pleasant Ridge Montessori, we encourage you to take a tour, to see for yourself how our neighborhood Montessori school comes to life.

These are the dates that tours and observations will take place for the 2017-2018 school year: October 10th, November 14th, December 5th, January 9th, February 6th, and March 6th. Observations are held from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. Tours are held from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Please contact the Montessori Coordinator to register for a tour and/or observation. It is very important that you please come on time for the tour and/or observation because late arrivals will have to reschedule. Please park in the Presbyterian Church parking lot across the street from the school and enter the main office of the school building.

Another important factor is that tours and observations are adult only. If you would like your child to get a feel for the school, you are more than welcome to attend community events that are open to perspective families like the PRM Open House & monthly Family Art Night.

While on the tour and/or observation, please do not interact, ask questions of the students, or ask to see specific student work while observing classroom instruction so that it does not interfere with the academic instruction.

The Montessori Coordinator will link you to the appropriate staff and/or parent representative in the school building if you have any follow up questions after the tour and/or observation.

All tour/observation registration forms must be submitted to the Montessori Coordinator no later than 1 week before the tour. Here is the link to the tour/observation form..

Montessori Coordinator – Tonya Duke, Room 1119B, Phone: (513) 363-4459
Email: [email protected]
Buddy Families
Is your family new to Pleasant Ridge Montessori? Do you want to meet more people and learn more about your new school? Join the Buddy Family program!

In an effort to ease your family’s transition to Pleasant Ridge Montessori (PRM) and welcome you to your new school, the Buddy Family program pairs incoming families with existing PRM families.

Your new Buddy Family will assist your family by answering questions, providing information about school programs and events, facilitating your understanding of the Montessori philosophy, and in general, supporting your family throughout the year as you become part of our school community.

If you would like to be paired with an existing PRM family, please contact Brittany Fuller at (513) 884-3495 or [email protected].

Visit the Enrollment page for details on how to enroll your child in Pleasant Ridge Montessori.

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