Invest in your child’s education and in the PRM community by supporting the school.

  • Prioritize how you support the school financially: Don’t feel like you have to participate in every fundraiser. Choose your three favorite and focus on them the entire year.
  • Volunteer: The donation of time is just as important as the donation of money. Visit the Volunteer page to learn more about how to get involved.
  • Be an active voice: Attend PTO meetings and community building events, and get to know what is happening at your school.

Why we fundraise
In order to provide the best possible education for our children, the parent‐teacher‐neighbor community of PRM works together to raise funds for important programs that would otherwise not be funded. Programs such as field trips, the brand new playscape and more are supported solely by the fundraising efforts of the PTO and Foundation.
Goal: 100% participation
We are all busy people—working, raising children, and running a household. The PTO and Foundation work hard to plan a variety of fundraisers that fit everybody’s needs and schedules. With a range of no‐cost programs (such as BoxTops for Education and the Aluminum Can Drive) to child and adult parties to the Annual Fund Drive, there is something for every community member and PRM family.
How the PTO and Foundation work together to raise funds for PRM
The PTO (parent‐teacher organization) is an open forum where a large, diverse group of parents and teachers come together on a monthly basis to exchange ideas and set priorities around educational and extra‐curricular programs. Day-to‐day needs of students, teachers, classrooms, field trips and special materials are provided with support from the PTO. We encourage ALL parents to be a voice in the PTO discussions.

The PRM Foundation plays a vital role in providing our school the needed resources for an exceptional Montessori experience that reaches every student. We provide funding for:

  • curricular materials including the online Reflex Math program, the Wordlywise vocabulary program, and various classroom materials per individual teacher request;
  • STEM opportunities with hardware such as headsets, document cameras, text-to-voice devices and listening stations as well as tech support staff;
  • staff development by defraying the cost for training sessions and workshops;
    environmental experiences by designing, installing, and maintaining the Nature Playscape, as well as supporting the Outdoor Ed program;
  • extra-curricular enrichment by printing the student-run newspaper, providing stipends and supplies for after-school clubs, and ensuring every student can attend field trips;
  • updating and maintaining the school website to provide communication among our community.

We feel strongly that these and other initiatives are necessary to provide a quality Montessori education for each and every student at PRM, and we are pleased to be able to offer this financial support.

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