Forms & Flyers

Bookmark this page for all PRM-related forms. You can also find these forms on various pages throughout the site, but this page is your one-stop shop for ALL forms.

  • Communications Request Form: Fill out this form to submit a request to the communications committee. Requests include website additions or updates, e-blasts, a calendar event or social media requests.
  • Foundation and PTO Expense Request Form: Fill out this form to request a reimbursement or expense payment from the PTO or Foundation.
  • Girl Scout Interest Form: Fill out this form if your daughter is interested in joining a Girl Scout troop, or if you are interested in being a Leader of a PRM troop.
  • Request to use PRM for non-school activities: In addition to the form, be prepared to provide proof of liability insurance and a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license.
  • PRM Facilities Policies Procedures: All policies and procedures regarding the use of PRM for non-school activities. Please see the form above for the rental application.
  • Sports Interest Form: Let us know if your kids are interested in playing sports, or if you are interested in volunteering.
  • Volunteer Interest Form: Fill out this form if you are interesting in volunteering.
  • Tour and Observation Registration Form: Prospective families may use this form to request a tour and/or observation of PRM. All forms must be submitted to the Resource Coordinator no later than 1 week before the tour.
  • District Photo Release Form: All students must have a Photo Release Form on file in order for their picture to be used on our website, social media or other venues.
  • Family Engagement Pledge: As a parent, family member, guardian or caring adult, I hereby pledge to spend at least 10 minutes per day talking with my student about school, including what my student is learning in class, what good things are happening at school, and how I can help and be involved.


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