A Hero’s Goodbye: Farewell to Vice-Principal Chris

On May 24th, PRM gave a hero’s goodbye to Vice Principal Chris Collier.  The students of PRM, dressed as batman, lined the hallways from the cafeteria to the front door holding letters and gifts.  Outside stood parents and community members dressed as super heroes.  Principal Jenny drew Ms Chris to the gym and the whole school community flooded the halls and waited.  It was a true hero’s goodbye as Ms. Chris walked the hall and the Batman theme song played on the loudspeaker – corner after corner she found more and more – high fives, hugs, tears, gasps and chanting,”Ms Chris, Ms Chris!” Outside she was presented with more gifts from parents and staff. Ms Chris gave words of gratitude and reflected on how much she had learned from PRM.

Chris Collier, you will be missed!

“It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”  ~ Batman