Community leadership at PRM

PRM’s administration is lead by our principals Jenny Mauch and Chris Collier.

The PRM Foundation and PTO and work together to support PRM.  PRM Foundation leads the way in fundraising and initiatives.  PTO focuses on building community, strong communication, supporting staff and the green team leads great programs like Terracycle and supporting our outdoor education and community garden.  From PTO, parent representatives become part of LSDMC and ILT.

The primary governing body of our school is the LSDMC (Local School Decision Making Committee).

The ILT or Instructional Leadership team is comprised of the principles, teachers and two parent representatives that make decisions to improve student achievement.

The Boosters organization provides lots of amazing opportunities for PRM kids to participate in athletics.

To Sign up for one of the roles in the above organizations from leading roles to smaller support roles, click here.

The parent groups are always evolving and changing to meet the needs of PRM. To see a detailed graphic of the Parent Leadership Structure Road Map, click here.