LSDMCThe Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) is the primary governing body our school and is comprised of four major constituency groups (parents, teachers, non-teaching staff including the principal, and community members), with a minimum of 12 members. Each group has equal representation and, therefore, equal voice in the decision-making process.The LSDMC sets school goals, develops a plan for meeting those goals, and monitors progress toward goal attainment by conducting mid-year and end-of-year assessments. The LSDMC makes school budget decisions, submits changes in the local school’s program, and participates in the selection of the principal.

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LSDMC Minutes!

LSDMC September Agenda

LSDMC Minutes September 5, 2018

LSDMC October Agenda 2018

LSDMC-Minutes October 3, 2018

LSDMC November Agenda 2018