Why PRM?

Among so many choices, from private schools to charter schools to public magnet schools, many have chosen to call their neighborhood public school, Pleasant Ridge Montessori, home.  These images give a great answer as well as the following words by the PRM community!


“It is driven by love,” says Collier. “Love of children. Love of the idea we can all do better. Love of the truth that we all have something to contribute. Love of a diverse community. Love of the Montessori method. Follow the child and your path is illuminated.” ~ Chris Collier, Vice Principal 2014-2018

We love PRM because of its dedication to the Montessori method, and also because it is a vibrant educational home for our neighborhood. The teachers and administrators are so passionate about PRM’s mission, and our child has become more curious, more confident, and more compassionate by being part of the PRM family.Katie Syroney, PRM Parent

Our family started at PRM back in 2010. I was terrified to send my son to half day preschool. His teacher at the time felt how nervous I was. She held my hand and said to me kids are survivors mom. Those words stuck with me because it made me realize I was giving my son my fear and my limitations. It changed my approach to parenting. I love that to this day PRM always challenges me to see past my current thoughts and helps me guide my children into their own greatness.Brittany Fuller, PRM Parent and Staff 

There are so many things to love about PRM, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the community of positive and helpful families and staff. We have been so grateful for the numerous families and staff who care about all of us and truly want the best for us. It feels like an extension of our own family. ~ Emma Massie, PRM Parent

PRM is like a family: we all support one another and we all do what we can for the good of the greater community.  People at PRM CARE. ~ Deb Kludy, PRM Parent

We love PRM! We love the strong sense of community among the students, teachers, and families. We love that the students learn with and through one another and that the school embraces the Montessori style of learning. ~ Amy Gardner, PRM Parent