An Imagined Story: Field Trip to the Art Museum

Tuesday, October 30th, Community 2202, Mrs. Sander’s class, climbed aboard a school bus and traveled down 71 to the Cincinnati Art Museum and entered a whole different world of tall rooms lined with paintings that seemed more like windows to other worlds.  A museum tour guide gathered the students around various paintings to talk about story.  The students offered creative parts of a story based on details in the paintings.  They looked at realism and abstract paintings and found that part of the experience of art is the story we bring to the painting.  The students viewed some artwork depicting a Native American ceremony and then together they played replicas of Native American instruments.  Their footsteps and instruments echoed and filled the tall rooms with woods floors beating a steady and loud rhythm.  The visit concluded with a peek at a video created of Nutzilla destroying and eating the museum!  Climbing aboard the bus to return to school, the students marveled at all the possibilities there are in art!

Visiting the art museum is a great trip you can take with your family and it’s free!