Annual Fund Updates

Dear Friends of PRM,

Our children are excelling!

Earlier this year, Ohio’s State Board of Education granted Pleasant Ridge Montessori School one of its first annual Momentum Awards for progress in value-added measures. You helped to make this happen. Every contribution from parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends allowed the PRM Foundation to provide the resources necessary for our children’s success. Thanks to your past generosity, we have been able to offer literacy training for teachers, vocabulary and math programs for various grade levels, and learning materials for individual classrooms. These resources, combined with the dedication and hard work our staff, contributed to measurable growth in student performance.

But we know our students are more than test scores, and that they excel at more than just reading and math. That is why the PRM Foundation is currently focusing on “Equitable Access for the Whole Child.” We want to provide resources that encourage and support all of our children’s passions and talents. And we need your help. With money raised through our Annual Fund Campaign, we can:

  • Support our one-of-a-kind outdoor education program that allows our children to discover the environment around them.
  • Provide resources for our expanding music program, helping to showcase any student with a desire for the spotlight.
  • Enrich the experiences of our young artists with additional supplies for our visual art program.
  • Tap into the passions of our developing athletes with new gym equipment.
  • Increase the potential of our technology lab and our tech support.

All of this and more is possible – with your help.

Please help us to realize the full potential of every child at PRM with a contribution to the Foundation’s Annual Fund. We have many students whose passions are reading and math, and while we continue to support these traditional experiences, we also want to reach other students who excel in other areas. We want these experiences, through scheduled classes, after school clubs, and off-site field trips, to be available to every student – meeting his or her every passion.

One-time contributions or recurring monthly donations can be made through the Annual Fund page on our website:

Thank you for your continued support,

Francesca Bownas-Rayburn
Pleasant Ridge Montessori Foundation


Learn how your past gifts have helped the students at PRM: