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    CPS: Student Access to retrieve Materials

    CPS announced April 29, 2020, the following: To give students an opportunity to get end-of-year materials and clean out lockers, we are allowing access to the school buildings on the schedule below. Please use your time efficiently; gather what you need quickly and return home. For details go to: https://www.cps-k12.org/news/whats-new/student-access-schools-retrieve-materials-clean-out-lockers

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    Closing the Digital Divide!

    Tuesday, April 28th will be the last day to donate.  Please help PRM Students! Donate today and help our neighborhood kids cross the digital divide. Our goal is to give every student who needs access a device so they can attend school in the same way as their peers during this time of the COVID-19 School Closure.  A PRM Parent partnered…

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    PRM Spirit Caravan

    175 days.  175 days is the approximate number of days a student attends school each year.  That is about 32 hours a week or more that students spend with the teachers and staff of PRM. The school year 2019-2020 is short of that number by 43 days, but thanks to PRM administration, teachers and staff, the connection has continued through…

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    PRM Video: From Our hearts to yours..

    Grab your tissues!  Grab your family and watch this wonderful video put together from the hearts of PRM to yours.  What a gift from the teachers and staff at PRM, Thank you! Click here. Or Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlJ4rir85kI&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR05WVzMYV6-mfBMiaZRZRpv3Zk339Lc1APCCmQ6Kft7goEHjxy42-VDrNY Join the PRM community for the Spirit Caravan Friday at 1pm-2pm! Click here for more details.

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    PRM Porch Pictures: A gift from a PRM Teacher

    Miss Catherine, a beloved teacher at PRM, gave a gift to the community this past week as she traveled around the neighborhood to gather porch family portraits. She will continue to do more portraits in the next week! During these unprecedented circumstances of the school closure, Miss Catherine gave us a heartwarming, fun and interesting way to document our collective…

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    IMAGO: Daily Ranger Activity

    As we know time spent outside is not only fun, it’s a great way to disconnect from the screen and slow the world down a little bit, it’s also a great place to learn. Imago has been offering a daily (Monday – Friday) Daily Ranger Activity. These are designed to be done easily by any student without needing special equipment or training.…

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    Daily Specials Challenges!

    Ms. Maria, Ms. Kate, Mr. David and Mr T. challenge you to complete ALL of the DAILY SPECIALS CHALLENGES! Specialists have created a calendar with daily challenges for students/families/staff.  Check out the Calendar (which is also located in the Specials Google Drive and below) and then post or email students accomplishing the tasks. These challenges are not graded, they are…