Donuts with Dudes!

At PRM’s Annual Donuts with Dudes event on Friday March 1st, the gym filled up quickly as students guided their Dude to the gym.  They received a warm welcome from Mrs. Ridley, staff and volunteers with donuts, no line, no waiting!  Coffee Cup class greeted them with fresh hot coffee!  Rumbling tummies were tamed and Dudes and students got to share a morning away from the bustle and demand of the week.  Bill Myles, assistant superintendent of Cincinnati Public schools, gave a talk that was inspired from his heart.  He shared how as a child he had ADD and not many friends, but it was the people around him that believed in him that made him who he is today.  He attributed his success not just from his family but to all those around him from his teachers to the barber who cut his hair, who took the time to cheer him on at his games.  He inspired all who were listening that it truly does take a village to raise a child and that we are all a part of that.  In the classrooms, Dudes from the community volunteered to serve donuts and spend time with the students, so that every child had quality time and felt supported.  A huge thank you to all those who volunteered and gave their time for this event!