Fall Sports Wrap-up!

If one ever wonders why PRM? – The sports teams of PRM will show you an answer by the heart and dedication of the players and coaches.  There were 221 players registered for fall sports, that’s about a third of the school!  And even with that participation, the Boosters team that supports our players hope for more – because PRM’s desire is to have everyone feel welcome!  PRM Fall sports had over 35 coaches who gave their time, energy and encouragement!  Thank you to PRM Boosters and all the volunteers who make this all possible.

The picture at Drake Park on Monday, October 29th was an incredible sight to see!  PRM Roadrunners gathered to celebrate the end of the Fall Soccer season.  Tons of pizza, side dishes and desserts lined at least 9 long tables!  Soccer players and their families were in constant motion celebrating and chatting about the season! The players and coaches gathered as the sun set for a group picture. The PRM Fall soccer team included 191 players!  145 from 1st -6th grade  with 12 teams and 46 lil’ Roadrunners of Kindergarten and preschool with 5 teams.

Volleyball wrapped up their season with a celebration Wednesday, October 24th with pizza, veggies and desserts!  21 Volleyball players greatly improved over the season and had a great time! The sight to see at this event was the fast past game of parents versus kids!!  Who won depended on who you asked!

9 Students signed up for Cheer this fall to begin the Winter sports of Cheer and Basketball! Look for basketball games to be announced on the calendar to come and cheer on our Roadrunners!

Thank you to all the parents and players!