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February 26 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Teaching is truly an art – a development of craft, precision, emotional fortitude and creativity. Just as a Kung Fu instructor uses specific exercises to help a student develop a set of skills, so must each of you help our children to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be successful in an ever-changing world. As educators, our teachers are charged with preparing children for a work force that will require different skills than even we were trained to teach – even those of us that recently graduated. As a diverse Montessori school community, we engage in this work with children who come with a variety of different learning experiences, needs, and learning styles. At times, it feels that what is required is in such conflict with the way that we learned that it must not be right or fair for the children- but around the country, children are proving that they can meet these high expectations and go beyond the scope of what the standards require. The complexity of maintaining these high expectations and the task of preparing children to persevere to meet those high expectations reminds me of a clip from Kung Fu Panda. (I know that seems like a stretch, but it’s not!) I also know that this work can only be accomplished with the collaboration and support from the community. The reward of that collaboration is that of a children achieving learning goals they didn’t think possible. Please take a moment to watch the attached video clip as a fun reminder for us all to keep high expectations as we follow the needs of each child.

Click HERE to download the Weekly Community Newsletter for the weeks of February 26th and March 5th. The newsletter also includes a letter for Donuts for Dudes.

Thank you for all that you do to support!


Principal Jenny