Fundraiser: Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea – oh, my!

Order from Equal Exchange and PRM Foundation receives 50% of the total order. It is an amazing fundraiser that support PRM and farmers across the world.

It is also amazing, because lots of upcoming events and holidays might require chocolate (Mother’s Day, 6th grade recognition to name a few). Spread the word! Ask family and friends, too!

Email Jen at [email protected], by March 25th with the item number and quantity (i.e. F2 – 2 for two bottles of Olive Oil). Once Jen receives the order, she will respond with a confirmation and price. All orders will be available for pick-up at the April 3 Summit (5:45-8 at PRM) – bring cash or check then!

Click here for the catalog!
Click here for a video explaining Equal Exchange and its fair trade concepts!