Go Global: PRM Woven Together

As PRM changes, grows and sees the coming future, the community is a rich colorful loom woven together over time that creates a strength and beauty that cannot be broken.  Everyone who has come before, is there now and will come in the future becomes part of a beautiful tapestry.  Thursday, May 9th, PRM celebrated this rich culture at it’s second Annual Go Global Culture Fest!  6-9 students displayed their continent projects.  The 9-12 student’s cultural link projects were displayed on screen. Cultural Culinary Connections with the Tower Garden of Growth had samples of dips from PRM’s light garden with Jackie Bonfield and 6th Graders. There were culture booths and samples shared of various cultural dishes.  In the gym, the PRM Community Loom was full of students, parents and community members joining to weave together yarn, buttons and charms into the tapestry of PRM. Music from the Nick Fryer Jazz Group drifted through the first hour and eased all busy minds and relaxed the evening. The evening closed with select performances from PRM’s variety show, a Night at the Circus. The PRM community loom will be on display in the atrium. Thank you to Angela Robertshaw for organizing this event and the cultural partner team and all the volunteers who made this evening possible.