Highlight: Parent-input classroom placement

Celebrating new beginnings and changes at the school of Pleasant Ridge has been a part of its long 200 year legacy along with its heart, diversity and love of education and PRM’s mission to be a quality neighborhood Montessori school.  As PRM looks to the coming months facing many new changes with a growing student population and hiring a new principal, you can find more information by clicking here for the ILT minutes and clicking here for the LSDMC minutes.  Our current Principal Mrs. Ridley has taken great care to nurture the children and community through this transition.  You can click here to see the family newsletters!  Here is the highlight of the decision made at the February 20th ILT meeting about parent input-classroom placement that has time sensitive information.  Here is an excerpt from Mrs. Ridley’s newsletter:

Parent Input-Classroom Placement: The ILT voted to discontinue the use of the parent survey. However, I am accepting emails or hand-delivered letters describing the environment in which you believe your child will thrive, his/her learning style and special considerations (allergies, special needs, etc.) Please include your child’s name and parent/guardian name in email or letter. The teaching teams will review these prior to placing children. Any letter specifying a teacher or classroom by name will not be considered. All emails/hand-delivered letters MUST BE TURNED IN TO MRS. RIDLEY BY NOON ON MARCH 5TH! I will reply to your email “Thank You” upon receipt!

Email for Mrs. Ridley: [email protected]

If you have questions, contact Mrs. Ridley.  If you have questions for LSDMC, the parent representatives are Jen Jarmen, Jen Kramer-Wine and Erin Fay.  If you have questions for ILT, the parent representatives are Meredith Zembrodt and Missy Kyrlach.  For contact information, click here for the staff directory and click here for the volunteer directory. 

And please check out the PRM monthly summit meetings on the first Wednesday of every month where the community of PRM can discuss and learn about all of these changes!