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IMPORTANT: New Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

  • Morning arrival for all students begins at 7:30am.
  • Students will not be admitted or supervised before 7:30am.
  • All students are expected to be in the school building by 7:45am. If a student arrives after 7:50am, he/she must be escorted to the office for a tardy slip.
  • Arrival by bus: If your child rides the bus to school in the morning, he/she will be dropped off in the front of the building at the curb. One bus will unload at a time. All children will exit the bus in an orderly fashion and enter the school building through the main doors. The students will be supervised by an adult staff member while outside. Upon entering the building, an adult staff member will direct the children. Kindergarten children will be directed to their classrooms (located on the ground floor). Students ages 6–9 and 9–12 will be directed to the cafeteria for breakfast.
  • Arrival by car: Our carline will enter the drive way and go around the back of the building this year. In the morning, please stop at the back Community Learning Center Entrance door to drop off your child. If your child is a preschooler, an Instructional Para Professional (IPP) will approach your car with a sign-in sheet. Pre-school children MUST be signed in by the adult dropping off the child. Signing your pre-school child in and out of school is a state mandate. ALL adults need to be aware of this and have patience while waiting to drop off children in the car line. If you have a child in kindergarten–grade 6, an IPP will open your door and your child may exit your car and enter the school building independently. Upon entering, there will be an adult staff member to direct your child. Preschool Parents: Please help your child get his/her seatbelt off and wait for an adult staff member to open your child’s car door. You will be asked to sign your child into school by placing your initials next to your child’s name. All parents, PLEASE remain in your vehicle at all times. If you drive your child to school but choose not to use the car line, you are welcome to park across the street in the church parking lot and walk with your child across Montgomery Road to the front door.
  • Walkers: Your child may enter the school building between 7:30am and 7:50am. Your child will be directed to the proper location to begin his/her day. If you walk your preschool child to school, please sign your child in with an adult. Your child will then be escorted into school and to his/her classroom. Children will not be allowed to enter the building due to the fact that there is no staff available to supervise the children until 7:30am. Please do not drop your children off before 7:30am.
  • Late Arrivals: If your child arrives at school after 7:50am, the doors will be closed. You will need to park your car and walk your child to the office for a tardy slip.


Dismissal Procedures for Half Day Preschool:

  • Dismissal for half day preschool will begin at 10:35am and end at 10:45am.
  • A car line will form around the front circle for dismissal. Please remain in your vehicle.
  • A teacher or other staff member will bring your child to your car and open the car door for him/her. You will be asked to sign your initials next to your child’s name. The adult picking up your child will be responsible for making sure that your child is secured in his/her car seat or booster.
  • It is extremely important that your child is picked up between 10:35 and 10:45. We will take any children still waiting at 10:45 to the office for dismissal. You will have to park your car and come in to sign your child out.
  • At the beginning of the school year, you will be asked to give us a list of people that are able to pick up your child. We will not release your child to anyone that does not appear on your list. You must send a written note if you would like someone added.


Afternoon Dismissal Procedures for grades K–6

  • At the beginning of the year, you will receive a form from your classroom teacher asking you to identify your dismissal plans. A consistent dismissal plan must be in place for each child, and cannot change daily. If there is a change in these plans, it must be communicated in writing to the classroom teacher. Phone calls to the classroom will not be allowed.
  • Dismissal of all children will take place between 2:10 and 2:30. If your child is not picked up by 2:30, he/she will be taken to the office for dismissal. At that time, you must park and come into the office to sign out your child for dismissal.
  • Early dismissals must be communicated, in advance, with your classroom teacher.
  • Car:Cars should enter the south drive way and follow the drive to the back of the building. Please stay in the car line and do not pass other cars. Your child will be brought to the gymnasium beginning at 2:10pm. Staff will come to your car and ask you who you are picking up and then will call into the gym for your child to be brought out to your car. Please stay in your vehicle.
  • After School Programs that Transport Students: If your child is being picked up by an after school program that transports students in a van or small bus, they will be directed to pick up your child in the car line. Your child will be escorted to the circle by a staff member and placed in the correct vehicle.
  • Walkers: Staff members will bring your child outside with his/her class beginning at 2:10. Your child is expected to remain with the staff until you, or the individual you have designated to walk with your child, arrives. If your child has permission to walk home by him/herself, please note that in your beginning of the year information.
  • Bus: Kindergarten–6th grade students will be escorted to the bus by a staff member. Your child is expected to remain in his/her bus line until direction is given to board his/her bus.
  • After-School Activities: If your child is participating in after school club or activity here at PRM, this must be communicated in writing to the classroom teacher. At the end of the day, your child will be walked to meet the supervisor of the after school club at dismissal on the designated days.
  • Changes in Dismissal Plans:We will not call into the classroom throughout the school day with changes in dismissal procedure due to the amount of interruptions to instruction. Classroom teachers are fully engaged in instruction throughout the school day, and may not receive email or voice mail messages that are left for them. Consequently, any changes in dismissal/after-school plans for your child must be communicated to the classroom teacher in writing.
  • Early Dismissals: Classroom instruction continues until the close of the school day. Early dismissals are for unavoidable emergencies only, and should rarely occur. Communication of necessary early dismissals should be communicated to the classroom teacher in writing so that the child is prepared for early dismissal. We will not call into the classrooms to interrupt instruction for unannounced early dismissals. If you arrive before dismissal, we ask that you would wait outside for the children or in your car until the children dismiss at 2:15pm.
  • Parking: The church parking lot across the street allows us to use their parking lot. You may park, and walk across the street to pick up your child. This area is not to be utilized as another carline. You must pull into a parking spot and walk across the street to pick up your child; no children will be dismissed to walk across the street by themselves. Please follow these procedures so that we are able to continue to use the church parking lot.
  • You may not drop off or pick up students on Montgomery Road in front of the school. This is a safety hazard and violates traffic laws. Children will not be allowed to dismiss to a car parked on Montgomery Road for any reason.
  • Late Pick Up: School dismisses promptly at 2:15. All children must be picked up at this time. There are no staff members available to supervise children after dismissal. No exceptions can be made to this. If you need information regarding available after school care options, please see contact the school.