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January 15 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Hello PRM Community,

The success of PRM, as a neighborhood Montessori school, is dependent upon the relationship between the home, school and child. It is critically important that we work together as a community to advocate for our school and for all of our children. We understand that your time is very limited and so LSDMC has created a short list of ways that you can advocate for PRM and your child. Please see the information below and see your LSDMC representative with any questions.

We need you!

As we embark on this campaign to expand PRM and/or address our growth in other ways, we need you to remain engaged in five ways:

  1. Get to know the new Board of Education:

  3. Attend a board meeting!
    This is the schedule – the next meetings are:
       – January 22, 6:30p (Board of Education)
       – February 26th 6:30 p (Board of Education)
    Find future dates here:

    When you attend a board meeting:
       – Wear a PRM t-shirt!
       – Listen – you will learn about how the board makes decisions


  5. Think about why you love PRM. Share your thoughts with a neighbor who does not have kids at PRM.

  7. Keep supporting PRM – our growth is a beautiful story, but we need your skills and talents to keep our school amazing. See our new-and-improved volunteer website in February!

  9. Talk with your student about how school is going. We’ll need to pay closer attention to our students’ needs as the smaller classes age out of PRM (as the 6-9 kids become 9-12). Ask questions such as:
       – What work did you do today?
       – What was your favorite thing about school today?
       – What questions did you have today?
       – How is your contract going? (for 6-9 at least)

Thanks! Jenny