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March 5 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Just a reminder – the Weekly Community Update that was sent last week was for the week of March 5th as well. Here is a link to download the newsletter so that you may re-read the update for a reminder of important community events and activities.

Please don’t forget that this Wednesday is our monthly PRM Summit! We have reorganized things just a bit to ensure that you are able to get the most information possible out of the evening! During our General Assembly, you will hear updates from parents who are on PTO, LSDMC and ILT. You will also hear Ms. Angela’s CLC report and highlights from Stakeholders Report. Grade level teachers will share quick highlights and happenings from each level. We will then break out into our LSDMC, PTO and Foundation groups – and you will have the opportunity to sit in on any of these to help ensure we continue to move forward together as a united school community.

Thank you for all that you do to support PRM!


Principal Jenny