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    Fall Festival: Thank you to all!!

    The words and phrases that can be used to describe the 2019 Read-a-thon and Fall Festival can only begin to encompass the immense gratitude and thanks to those who volunteered and gave their time and energy.  Over 120 Volunteers including 10 staff members, made the 2019 Fall Festival a success! Over 25 bakers gave delicious and spooky treats for the bake sale! $13,000 were raised between the Read-a-thon and the Fall Festival! 322 cotton candy bundles were eaten! Over 50 songs were belted out from karaoke fans! By the end of the afternoon, the pizza and pop were gone!  Everywhere one could wander – from the art room to the…

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    Out of this World Color

    Vibrant colors, hundreds of hands, spinning planets, dark expanse and sparkling stars are filling the 3rd floor and all around the building at PRM.  The 4th/5th grade classes of Ms. Donnelly studied the planets this quarter.  The students created beautiful models of the solar system and took courage to present their projects to the class.  On the third floor, there is a sprawling tree with colorful paper hands  – traced on colorful paper, cut out and hung on the wall from every student in 4th, 5th and 6th grade – each with their name and their character strengths. Between the first and second floor on the landing you will find…

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    The Little Free Library for PRM

    There’s house someone built, with room inside for stories from far away.  It’s a Little Free Library built by the daughter of PRM’s 6th grade Cultural Studies teacher, Allison Frazier.  Maddie, Ms. Frazier’s daughter, designed, constructed and painted the library as a birthday gift to her mother.  She spent all of her summer on it before heading off college. Ms. Frazier writes, “I have wanted one forever, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. I still tear up thinking about the work, the thoughtfulness, her many talents and gifts…etc.” The Little library was originally meant to be outside Ms. Frazier’s home, but their HOA asked them to move it. …

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    Thank You Mr. Sterling!

    On Monday, September 30th, the whole school gathered to honor Mr. Donald Sterling as he officially began his retirement. Amazingly, Mr. Sterling worked for the Cincinnati Public School district for 38 years and spent his last 6 years here at PRM!   His hard work and dedication to the children was unmatched.  He always had a smile on his face and a familiar saying to greet you with. Every day that we had him at PRM was truly a blessing and we know that he spoiled us, even though he constantly told us that we were spoiling him 😉 Mr. Sterling was presented with many cards from staff members and students…

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    Once Upon a time…Read-a-thon Kick-off!

    Once upon a time, there was a school that changed the world…and it all began when they read a book.  Years and years from now, books will be written and some of the heroes and characters will have come from Pleasant Ridge Montessori.  It all begins when a teacher places a book in front of a student. They read the story and they do not know the ending.  We don’t know the whole story of PRM, as it is continually being written, but it begins everyday as each book is opened at school.  Ms. Simpson began PRM’s 2019 Read-a-Thon Kick-off assembly with describing how some students are learning to read…

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    Beautiful corner of Earth, PRM

    Walking into school Friday, September 20th drew a picture that brought eyes to vibrant colors and messages on the sidewalk as students entered school about the earth, its beauty and the hope that kids bring.  A few families spontaneously got together to draw and make a beautiful corner at PRM.  I asked Jill Korach, a parent at PRM, what motivated them to share these drawings and here she responds: We felt like it was important to highlight and support this week’s global environmental action. In particular, the actions driven by children that were happening around the world. We decided drawing earth-centered supportive messages was one way to bring attention to…

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    A New Taste of 9-12!

    At PRM 2019-2020, there have been many new students and new staff!  The new energy has been infectious from how students are greeted at the door to PRM sports teams to the car line that flows through the veins of the street pushed by a calm heartbeat – thanks to the construction completion and PRM Staff with stop signs.  The new great things won’t stop there when new after school programs start soon of Candy Chemistry and Hooked on Fishing.  There’s Yoga, Coffee cup, Spanish, Webby dance, girl scouts, cub scouts, art club, music club!  It is endless!  There are five new teachers at the 9-12 level and it has…

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