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    Sunrock Farms

    Thursday, September 20th and Friday, September 21st, the 6-9 classes of PRM ventured to Sunrock Farms!  Both days were hot and sunny.  Friday was a little cooler and the students could feel a hint of the first breeze of fall that will officially start the 22nd.  They learned a bit of the peace and the respect needed to tend the animals on the farm as they milked goats, planted wheat, brushed a horse, gathered eggs, held a baby check, learned about honeybees and more.  A simple trip to the farm will leave a lasting impression on the students with visions of pigs, goats and pumpkins that will filter into their…

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    Grant Announcement!

    The Greater Cincinnati Foundation awarded Pleasant Ridge Montessoritwo Learning Links grants of $1,000 each to support the 2018-19 school year. The first grant supports Art in the Hall and Breakfast Brainiacs. Art in the Hall features changing art exhibitions in frames along PRM’s long main hallway on the ground level. Breakfast Brainiacs are puzzles and interactive games that engage 9-12 students in the cafeteria before school every day. The second grant will enable PRM to create a Maker Space, allowing students to discover creative ways to explore ideas, experiment with design, materials and techniques, tinker with old and new technologies, and invent exciting projects for the benefit of the school. Thank you to…

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    PRM will be participating in their 1st Read-A-Thon starting October 1st through October 12th. During this time, students are asked to read every day! Information will be coming home with your student soon! Families and friends of the readers can help support the students by giving them lots of chances to read and by donating to PRM. Cash and Check Donations will be collected everyday throughout the Read-A-Thon during morning dropoff.  Thank you for supporting our Reading Roadrunners:) For more information, visit the Read-a-Thon page! The big final celebration of the Read-a-Thon will be the Fall Festival on October 13th from 2-5 at PRM!  

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    Supra Et Ultra! Above and Beyond…

    SUPRA ET ULTRA: Each month, all students at PRM are invited to participate in the PEACE part of our schoolwide enrichment program, which stands for Providing Equal Access to Curricular Enrichment. The SUPRA ET ULTRA monthly challenges are one component of the PEACE program. The  monthly SUPRA ET ULTRA, which is Latin for “Above and Beyond”  presents 10 challenges designed to spark creative and critical thinking, and are the types of thinking challenges that have been part of traditional gifted curriculum for over thirty years. All individuals benefit from being exposed to these types of thinking activities, especially when they are presented in a manner that encourages effort and self-awareness.  Students…

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    Preschool Sibling Enrollment!

    Preschool Sibling Enrollment: The Early Childhood Department is accepting preschool sibling enrollment until October 5th. Please see Ms. Stephanie in the front office to fill out the enrollment application between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. In order to process the application, guardians will need to bring the child’s birth certificate, guardian’s ID, and proof of residency (lease, current DUKE bill, or current water bill.)

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    New Special Education Page!

    The school year is off to a great start!  Little feet of preschoolers and kindergartners blast off in adventures up and down the hills of the playscape, while first graders are finding what they don’t know and looking to the 2nd and 3rd graders who take pride in leading the younger students.  4th graders take pride in being part of the top floor where 5th and 6th graders continue to prepare for next steps!  Along this journey, you may notice your student having a difficult time.  Parents who are aware their child is having a difficult time with reading, mathematics, written expression or other aspects of school work might suspect…

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    PRM’s Magazine Sale!

    Interested in trying out a new magazine or ready to renew?  Purchase through PRM’s online magazine sale and PRM receives 40% of your purchase! Go to: APmags.com Select: “SHOP to support a school/organization” Code:  WC6523 You do not have to enter an actual name to browse and order. You can insert “none” in the name spaces if preferred. Get your orders in early and hopefully you’ll get them in time for PRM’s Read-a-Thon! (details coming soon) Have a subscription that needs to be renewed at a different time of year?  No problem!       Follow the steps above and PRM will receive 40% of the sale throughout the year too! Questions? Please contact Marissa Albright at…

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    Info on Walnut Hills High School Shadowing opportunities

    Do you have a sixth grader?  See the following message about shadowing Walnut Hills! This is a reminder notice to all CPS schools that registration for the Walnut Hills High School shadow program will open on the Walnut Hills website on October 1st. Shadowing takes place Monday through Thursday on school days in November, January and February. There will be approximately 370 openings, but past experience has proven that they will fill before the end of the day October 1st. You may advise any interested students/parents that shadow registration is only taken electronically through our website at http://www.walnuthillseagles.com/ under the student section beginning October 1st. All the details are available on the…

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    The Sound of Learning

    August 15th, the first day of the 2018-2019 school year, brought many fresh starts for the community of Pleasant Ridge Montessori School: new principal, Melissa Ridley, new Assistant Principal, Ken Jump and for a numbers of students, new classrooms and new teachers.  At each red light on Montgomery Rd, waves of students and parents crossed the street and a steady stream of cars wound behind the school as students bounded out of cars and into a new school year.  Walking the halls this morning around 9 am, you could only hear silence and the shuffle of feet. Stepping into a 3-6 classroom, you could hear wood Montessori materials clinking together. …