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    Open House 2019!

    Monday night, August 12th, students, staff and their families poured into the building filling it to the seams to prepare for the 2019-2020 school year. PRM seemed to be growing tonight, not in numbers, although we might be, but growing in strength and community as connections were made with the new staff, administration and families. Families dropped off school supplies and students saw their classrooms and many met their teachers for the first time. The number of tie-dye t-shirts doubled the amount of last years tie-dye event! The Free uniform exchange table overflowed and had enough left over to donate to another school that needed them. Folks bought spirit wear,…

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    Ridge Day 2019!

    Ridge Day, Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 started with a parade featuring local business and community partners!  PRM staff, students and their families gathered to show their spirit shouting in one voice: One School. One Future. One student. PRM! We make a difference! At the end of the parade, students gathered with Principal, Amber Simpson for the annual photo in front of the school after Ridge Day Parade!  It’s going to be an amazing year! Don’t forget Monday, August 12th is Open house beginning at 5pm!  For more information, visit the calendar, click here!

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    To Space and Beyond: PRM Girl Scouts

    On Wednesday, July 17th, many of PRM’s girl scouts were inspired by Cincinnati Public School’s very own Chief Communications and Engagement Officer, Lauren Worley.  Before working for Cincinnati Public Schools, Lauren Worley was press Secretary and Senior Advisor at NASA, an appointee of the Obama Administration.  Her rich experience at NASA gave her the ability to inspire the girls to think of who they want to be.  She herself was a girl scout for many years!  The French Park Girl Scout camp, which serves girls scouts throughout the area, had a space theme this year: to French Park and Beyond. She spoke amid the mixing swirl of sun, rain and…

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    Welcome Amber Simpson and Tina Stegman!

    Welcome to PRM’s new Principal, Amber Simpson and Vice Principal, Tina Stegman!  The school office may be closed until August 1st, but these two leaders are busy preparing for the 2019-2020 school year with one mind to carry out PRM’s mission to offer every neighborhood child a quality Montessori education.  Speaking with them, you can see their passion for learning and their passion for creating a place that nurtures a love of learning. PRM families are busy with summer, working, playing, traveling and dealing with flocks of flamingos (flamingo fundraiser link)!  Don’t forget, if you miss PRM, come to PRM for an evening of art and community at Art in…

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    Greetings PRM: Letter from New Principal!

    June 27, 2019  Greetings Pleasant Ridge Montessori Families,  My name is Amber Simpson and I am excited to join the PRM community as the new principal. I look forward to continuing our school’s momentum as a thriving neighborhood Montessori school built by a community of caring and committed families.  This year, our focus will complement the District’s overall strategic plan – ensuring that our students gain the skills needed for success in high school, while exposing them to a wide range of innovative and unique experiences to get them thinking about their futures. And, of course, we’ll be continuing the many traditions we’ve developed to help celebrate our tight-knit school…

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    PRM Flamingo Fundraiser!

    UPDATE: Flocking is closed for the season!  The flamingos have decided the nights are too cold and have migrated south! Looking to build school spirit over the summer? Help raise funds for the school? Or maybe just prank a friend? We have flocks of flamingos descending on the PRM community! Surprise someone you know by sending a flock of flamingos to their front lawn! The flamingos typically roost for a couple of days before moving on to the next lawn. Flamingos prefer the climate in Pleasant Ridge and the surrounding neighborhoods so unfortunately flocks can’t migrate farther. Find a flock in your yard? Re-home the flock by completing the form…

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