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October 30 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Hello PRM Community,

At the beginning of this week’s video the narrator says that we can be brave enough to write down our goals (just as we have taken time to do this first quarter as educators and as students), but that “life will punch you in the mouth”. Right now the demands in education can feel like an attempt to hit public Montessori education in the mouth. I know that I am lucky to work with a school community that is passionate about their neighborhood school, and I believe that as we rally together, the children of PRM will flourish. The video that I shared with the staff this week helps us to see the connection between your “why” and being resilient in the face of obstacles. If you would like to watch that video, please click on the link below:

On Wednesday, we will have our Monthly PRM Summit. The agenda for the General Assembly can be found in this week’s google drive. Superintendent Laura Mitchell will be coming to introduce herself to the community and to visit PRM. Let’s show how dedicated we are to our neighborhood Montessori school by packing the cafetorium that evening and dressing in PRM Spirit Wear.

At the close of the General Assembly meeting, we will also be collecting feedback about three items: 1.) What the community (including staff) would like discussed at General Assembly meetings as a focus each month 2.) What immediate goals/initiatives/fund-raising PTO can help with; and 3.) What large scale goals/initiatives/fund-raising Foundation can help develop. Please come out for this! We want every voice to be included in this discussion, as the results will help to shape our collective “why” and guide our next steps as a community. We want every single one of PRM’s neighborhoods to be represented so that we are truly making a decision informed by the entire school community!

Click HERE to download the weekly community newsletter.


Principal Jenny