PRM Garden and Playscape: Input wanted!

Walking into the garden at PRM is like walking into a secret room or going through an old wardrobe to the secret world of Narnia.  When you walk in, you are surrounded by flowers, vegetables and beautiful artwork sometimes hidden until you walk up close. It’s common to find bunnies, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, birds and other wildlife.  The hidden space goes on further as you venture down the hill into the playscape.  The playscape had a lot of damage after so much rain had fallen last spring and much of it was off limits.  The task to rebuild it is underway thanks to fundraising by PRM foundation and the PRM community.  Imago is PRM’s outdoor education community partner that has supported PRM and helped us grow the outdoor education classroom.  Together, PRM, parent volunteers and Imago ask for your input and suggestions.  Some of the ideas that have been contributed and are being built are a mud kitchen, a fort building area and a second outdoor classroom area.  If you have ideas, suggestions, input or want to help, contact Laurie Nichols, our outdoor education instructor at [email protected]

For PRM’s outdoor education you might ask, what happens in the winter?  Does the outdoor education program hibernate?  No hibernation for these PRMers.  Check out the pictures to see how Laurie Nichols works with PRM students each week indoors even when it is so cold!  This past week, the students learned about hibernation and migration and got to see a puppet show.