PRM Sweetheart Dance!

It is not an easy thing to grow up, to make the transition from a young girl into an educated independent woman. There are fast paced days filled with running and climbing and quiet slow afternoons filled with coloring and reading.  There are hard times of growth and simple times of discovering passions.  There are carefree times and times of self-awareness.  There are times of being unsure and times of confidence.  Friday night, April 12th at the annual Sweetheart Dance at PRM, it was painfully beautiful to look at these young students and see them becoming something more than the infants they once were and see them becoming young women.  “Come to the Caribbean for a luau” became the theme this year and gave many Dad’s cool relief from wearing a suit and tie while others dressed full suit and tie to their daughters delight.  The Sunburners performed live on PRM’s stage along with some DJing to share the stage with the girls who happily took center stage belting out the songs and dancing together – some Dads were belting out right along with them.  As they entered the hall to the cafetorium, they posed for a picture with their sweetheart, checked in and received a flower lei!  The food table overflowed with cupcakes, candy, popcorn, veggies and fruit!  Stencils, crayons and colorful paper provided an activity whenever someone wanted a rest.  The selfie station had fun props and a colorful sunset background.  The night flew by almost as fast as they are growing up.

A huge thank you to Tami Kauffman, Emma Massie, Kristin Boys, Sabrina Sorenson, Liz Dugan, Marissa Albright , Jackie Bonfield, The Sunburners, all of the custodial staff at PRM that helped get all the tables ready, and all of those who baked cupcakes and donated refreshments!  This event could not have happened without you!