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Read-a-Thon Kick off: Meet the Character of Our Staff

Friday, September 28th, the students and staff of PRM gathered in the gym to kick off PRM’s first Read-a-thon and bring focus and resolve for students to read and the community to support PRM.  Over the next two weeks, students will focus on reading 20 minute sessions each day while also asking family and friends to consider donating money to support PRM.  The money raised by parent organizations have given the students guitars, training for the teachers and things to come like a 3-D printer and more.  The students expected their teachers to come to school to teach as the faces they know and love, but what came was their inner character – their love of reading, of characters and of meaning – and… the characters from their favorite books.  Thing one and Thing two with Dr. Seuss and their seemingly trouble-making shenanigans brought joy.  Pooh and Eeyore’s friendship gave laughter and the belief that we are stronger than we think. After today, the students might wonder what could cause A Bad Case of Strips, like Camilla Cream who was cured by being her real self.  Fairy tales of Cinderella brought smiles and curtsies. The mirror on the wall could surely tell you the fairest of them all – the dedicated teachers of PRM.  Characters of strength and adventure from Pippy Longstocking to Hamster Princess to a girl in a simple brown sack dress who can slay dragons led the students to wonder what books could there be to read – who are all these characters?!  Teachers like Miss Frizzle widened eyes and well loved characters like Arthur, Pinkalicious, Pete the Cat and the Mouse who if you give her a cookie will lead you to other characters like Amelia Bedelia and Where the Wild things Are and more.  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom will there be enough room for all these characters in such young minds?  For sure! Their minds are like the Very Hungry Catepillar who will always want to eat and eat, and one day they will become like beautiful butterflies changing the world not just themselves.  The cheers, clapping, stomping and laughter of the students filled the room as they learned from parent volunteer Sara Bourgeois that they could earn a free unlimited bounce house ticket just by reading each day!  A FC Cincinnati player came to read a passage to the students to remind them to plant the seed of truth – to nurture it and let it grow from the Lorax.  And Miss Viola Swamp, that mean old sub, didn’t even need to scare them into excitement!  So parents, open the door – a book – it will only support the amazing things happening at PRM and the character that leads these students everyday at PRM.  If you’re reading this as a family member or community member consider supporting PRM, go to prmrocks.org/readathon.  Happy Reading!  The celebration of the read-a-thon will be at our Fall Festival on October 13th from 2-5!