School Supplies

Our classrooms use community supplies in order to build cooperation and foster the Montessori philosophy. Please do not label items marked as Community Supplies. Your child’s teacher will communicate when supplies need to be added and/or replenished throughout the school year. As our classroom communities’ needs vary, items and quantities may vary from these lists. Please check the list provided by your child’s classroom teacher.



School Supply Lists for the 2019-2020 School year!

3-6 Pre-K and Kindergarten

3-6 Supply List for 19-20

6-9 Teams 1st through 3rd Grade

Becky Joyce Supply List

Catherine Guimaraes Supply List

Colleen Arbuckles Supply List

Debra Morrow-Soward Supply List

Jennifer Cao’s Supply List

Kaitlyn Metersky’s Supply List

Lauren Vogel Supply List

Ms. Sylvia’s Supply List

Nancy Monak Supply List

Sarah Lofquist Supply List

Zakiya Phillips Supply List

9-12 Teams 4th-5th Grade, 6th Grade

4th-5th Havens and Wagner (General) Supply List 2019-2020

Anderson’s Supply List 4th-5th

Donnelly’s Supply List 4th-5th

Tina North Supply List 4th-5th

Varshneya Supply List 4th-5th

Watson Supply List 4th-5th

6th Grade Supply List 2019-2020