School Supplies

Our classrooms use community supplies in order to build cooperation and foster the Montessori philosophy. Please do not label items marked as Community Supplies. Your child’s teacher will communicate when supplies need to be added and/or replenished throughout the school year. As our classroom communities’ needs vary, items and quantities may vary from these lists. Please check the list provided by your child’s classroom teacher. There will be a new partnership as an option to buy school supplies and give back to PRM! Look Below for Details!



School Supply Lists for the 2020-2021 School year!

3-6 Pre-K and Kindergarten

PreSchool and Kindergarten Supply List 2020-21

6-9 Teams 1st through 3rd Grade

Sylvia Cleveland 1st – 3rd Supply List 2020-2021

Kaitlyn Metersky 1st-3rd School Supplies List 2020-2021

Becky Joyce 1st-3rd School Supplies List 2020-2021

Paula Doughman 1st – 3rd Supply List 2020-21

Colleen Arbuckle 1st-3rd School Supplies List 2020-2021

Sarah Lofquist 1st-3rd School Supplies List 2020-2021

Lauren Vogel 1st- 3rd Supply List 2020-2021

Zakiya Phillips 1st-3rd Supply List 2020-21

Ariel Crump 1st-3rd Supply List 2020 – 21

NEW TEACHER 1st-3rd 2020-21 (Ms. Debra Morrow-Soward Community 2019-20 new room 1133))

Megan Kline 1st – 3rd Supply List 2020-2021 (Monak’s community 2019-20)

Catherine Guimarães 1st-3rd School Supplies List 2020-2021

9-12 Teams 4th-5th Grade

Anderson & Donnelly 4th&5th PRM supply list 2020-21

Varshneya_North_Gibson 4th & 5th Supplies List 2020-21 – Varshneya_North_Gibson Supplies List

Wagner & Havens 4th &5th Supply List 20-21 – Sheet1

6th Grade

Grade 6 supply list 2020-21 Walter, Frazier, Rollins

Partnership to Buy Supplies and Give to PRM!

There will be a 1st Day of School next year. We are so excited to announce a new partnership with 1st Day School Supplies!
This year, 1st Day School Supplies is going to help parents and teachers get the exact supplies needed for next school year without the RISK of shopping at retailers.

1st Day School Supplies is convenient, easy and hassle free! Plus, they have guaranteed competitive prices on the highest quality brands including the germ fighting brands like Purell and Clorox. So, with all the uncertainty this summer will bring, why not check school supply shopping off your list. Purchase school supplies from the comfort of your home! You can make your purchase right now, get started by clicking the link below:

The direct link to PRM page on 1st Day School Supplies is:

Deadline to order: July 1st, 2020

At least $5 of each kit ordered will go directly to PRM.

Wish lists for each teacher are also available for purchase.

Consider donating an extra box for a classmate in need.

Kits will be delivered to PRM on August 10th. If we have our first day on campus, the kits will be taken up to the appropriate classrooms by volunteers. If our first day will happen in our homes, you can pick up your box on August 10th at PRM to take home for your use.