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September 11 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Hello PRM Community,

One of the amazing things about PRM is the passion that our school community shows for the neighborhood and the school. I am so incredibly thankful for that passion – but I want you to know that I recognize that you are human! So many responsibilities drain your time and energy as volunteers and caregivers. In this week’s message to the staff, we talked about how our time is used and how we often feel pressed to the limit or “full”. We have to find a way to manage everything – we have to conscientiously think about the amount of physical and emotional energy we give to certain items. If you would like to see a video like the one that I shared with the staff, please click on the link below:

In additional to this week’s newsletter you will find:

    1. Our Yearly Goals
    2. ILT Minutes for 9-6-17
    3. Updated Teams and Reps
    4. Office Staff Responsibilities (Who Do You Go to for What)
    5. Organization Chart for PRM
    6. ILT and LSDMC Responsibilities

Click HERE to download the weekly community newsletter.


Principal Jenny