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September 5 – Weekly Community Newsletter

Hello PRM Community,

I continually say that PRM is unique – and it truly is unique for a variety of reasons! For example, our school community is rich with passionate individuals – parents, community members and educators- that care about all of our children. We are lucky to have so many amazing leaders in our school community; and, the work that we do is part of a larger movement of doing what is right for children and the talents of our community help to make that work possible.

This week’s video, however, is about leadership in a movement and the power of being a follower. (I know that sounds contradictory, but there is power in being a follower with courage.) Please take a minute to watch this very short video and to think about the times that you need to be “the lone nut with his shirt off” and when you need to have” the courage to follow and to show others how to follow.”

Please think about coming out for our first Monthly PRM Summit on Wednesday, September 6th at 6:00 p.m. There is more information in this week’s newsletter about the event – but it is the perfect opportunity to learn more about PRM, whether you want to take a leadership role or “have the courage to follow” (as our video for the week calls it).

I have attached the link with the Go Global Update for 9.4 and supporting information, including the ILT agenda and the agenda for the Monthly PRM Summit Meeting.

Click HERE to download the weekly community newsletter including the ILT agenda and the agenda for the Monthly PRM Summit Meeting.

Principal Jenny