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Calling all Volunteers for the 2018-2019 School Year!

What makes Pleasant Ridge Montessori amazing is the passionate group of parents, staff, and community volunteers! There are plenty of things that need doing from being the champion of spirit wear to the baby chick program to even the uniform exchange program!

Follow this link, to sign up for a volunteer role in the parent leadership organizations!

To see a detailed graphic of the parent leadership, click here on Parent Leadership Structure “Road Map”!

For those of you who are newer to our community, it might be helpful to review the five teams that comprise our parent/staff/community volunteer community. Each of these teams have various roles, so feel free to click on a link for a specific team to see a list of volunteer opportunities for that specific team. Come help us make PRM amazing!

The Foundation

An official 501(c)3 organization,this group tackles the important tasks of general purpose fundraising and strategic initiatives for the school.


Parent Teacher Organization. Build. Equip. Communicate. This group is super passionate about getting the word out, connecting people to resources, and generally building the awesome PRM community we all enjoy.


Every member of the Cincinnati Public School system has a “Local School Decision Making Committee”; but ours is exceptional! This group is the primary governing body for the school.


Instructional Leadership Team is a group made up of PRM’s principals, team leaders, non-teaching staff and parents that work to improve student achievement by focusing on anything that affects instruction.



Athletics are a very important part of the academic tradition here at PRM. This group handles athletic specific fundraising, volunteering, and event coordination.