Simon says Battle! Field Trip to XU!

The Cintas Center at Xavier University was full of PRM students from the 6-9 and 9-12 classes along with many other CPS schools on Thursday November 29th!  The music had all the students, teachers and staff out of their seats dancing.  The Xavier University Women’s basketball team had all who attended shouting and cheering!  Make some noise flashed across the screen and PRM students showed how much volume and spirit they had and it was loud!  Some students had spent some time in class learning about the history of women’s basketball and this field trip gave them a chance to see their learning in action.  When the students arrived, a speaker spoke to them about the importance of listening and played the fastest and most intense Simon says battles!  A representative from all the classroom joined a group on the court and a PRM student won the battle!  The students learned about showing respect by looking a person in the eye and really using their listening skills.  The field trip took the classroom on the road and no doubt, the students brought the energy back to the classroom.