Supra Et Ultra! Above and Beyond…

SUPRA ET ULTRA: Each month, all students at PRM are invited to participate in the PEACE part of our schoolwide enrichment program, which stands for

Providing Equal Access to Curricular Enrichment.

The SUPRA ET ULTRA monthly challenges are one component of the PEACE program.

The  monthly SUPRA ET ULTRA, which is Latin for “Above and Beyond”  presents 10 challenges designed to spark creative and critical thinking, and are the types of thinking challenges that have been part of traditional gifted curriculum for over thirty years.

All individuals benefit from being exposed to these types of thinking activities, especially when they are presented in a manner that encourages effort and self-awareness.  Students are encouraged to complete challenges independently or with help from friends and family. Students who return their SUPRA ET ULTRA each month by the due date, with the self-assessment completed, are eligible for a quarterly prize drawing. In addition, those who complete all 10 challenges  independently or with assistance will be named a SUPRA ET ULTRA SuperStar, and their name will appear on the PRM ROCKS website for “Going Above and Beyond in their pursuit of  Personal Excellence and Academic Challenge.”

If you would like your child to receive a monthly SUPRA ET ULTRA, or have questions about PRM’s enrichment program, contact

Mrs. Jackie Bonfield at [email protected]  Please include your child’s full name, grade, and teacher in your correspondence.

For more information on the PRM Enrichment program, click here.