Copyright 2018 Melissa Kyrlach
Photo by Melissa Kyrlach , used with permission.

The Sound of Learning

August 15th, the first day of the 2018-2019 school year, brought many fresh starts for the community of Pleasant Ridge Montessori School: new principal, Melissa Ridley, new Assistant Principal, Ken Jump and for a numbers of students, new classrooms and new teachers.  At each red light on Montgomery Rd, waves of students and parents crossed the street and a steady stream of cars wound behind the school as students bounded out of cars and into a new school year.  Walking the halls this morning around 9 am, you could only hear silence and the shuffle of feet. Stepping into a 3-6 classroom, you could hear wood Montessori materials clinking together.  Through windows, you could see students at work at tables, on rugs or huddled together before their teacher for a lesson.  There were even reports that the lunchroom was filled with calm.  No doubt recess brought out laughter and giggles, but today the quietness was the sound of learning.  What a great first day PRM!!