To Space and Beyond: PRM Girl Scouts

On Wednesday, July 17th, many of PRM’s girl scouts were inspired by Cincinnati Public School’s very own Chief Communications and Engagement Officer, Lauren Worley.  Before working for Cincinnati Public Schools, Lauren Worley was press Secretary and Senior Advisor at NASA, an appointee of the Obama Administration.  Her rich experience at NASA gave her the ability to inspire the girls to think of who they want to be.  She herself was a girl scout for many years!  The French Park Girl Scout camp, which serves girls scouts throughout the area, had a space theme this year: to French Park and Beyond. She spoke amid the mixing swirl of sun, rain and thunderstorms to girl scouts of all ages about space! She began her talk asking if anyone wanted to be an astronaut and a few girls raised their hand. She shared about space travel, living in space and about the planets, the many moons and suns. At the end of her talk, she asked what they wanted to be. Many hands shot up and the ideas kept coming and they found they could be an astro physicists or a teacher, a doctor and even an artist to be a part of space exploration. Lauren Worley encouraged them to work hard, study hard and to not be afraid of failure – like the astronauts living on the International Space station 250 miles away traveling 17,500 miles an hour or like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on Apollo 11 who walked on the moon. Girl – don’t be afraid of failure – you just might make it to the moon.

~ A Special Thank you to Lauren Worley from all the Girl Scouts @PRM!