Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts LogoThank you for your interest in Girl Scouts at PRM! Girl Scout troops at PRM are entirely volunteer-led, and all troops work with the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio to develop programs and activities appropriate for the Girl Scout troop level.

If you are interested in exploring Girl Scouts as an option for your daughter, please fill out this form.

A Troop Leader or the PRM Girl Scout Coordinator will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your options. You can also email the PRM Girl Scout Coordinator directly at with any questions.

It is important to note that each existing troop has a maximum number of members, and most troops are already full. Troops can only exist if at least two volunteers are able to be Troop Co-Leaders who plan and organize the meetings, badge work and field trips. If you are interested in getting your daughter into a troop, be prepared to volunteer on some level. Not all parents have to be a Troop Co-Leader, but it is expected that all parents will help their daughter’s troop in some capacity.

Cub Scouts

Boy Scout LogoAdventure is waiting! Build yours!! PRM Pack #25
Thank you for your interest in PRM Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts are entirely volunteer-led and all dens work as part of the Dan Beard Council of Western Ohio to develop programs and activities appropriate for the boy’s age level.

Our cub scouts are ALWAYS in search of volunteers – we need you. It is expected that parents / guardians participate in cub scout activities and meetings in some capacity.

We currently have 4 dens and 1 pack:

  • Den #1: Tiger Cubs – 1st graders
  • Den #2: Wolf – 2nd graders
  • Den #3: Bears – 3rd graders
  • Den #4: Webelos – 4th & 5th graders

Every year each den completes 6 badge requirements and 1 elective. These are woven into fun, informative, and learning activities suited for the den. Understanding honor, leadership, code of conduct are just a few skills our PRM Cub Scouts are learning. How to build a proper campsite, performing a flag ceremony and a proper handshake become part of our meetings and our culture.

If you are interested in cub scouts please email Kevin Johnson at OR email Anne Zimmer at for more information and paperwork on joining PRM Pack #25.

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