Early Pleasant Ridge School Building

In 1872, a two story, four-room school replaced the original 1819 “village school”. Later it was doubled in capacity after which a High School was constructed in 1909. It was this building and the 1932 annex that was replaced in 2008 by the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified building. Residents of Pleasant Ridge have long recognized the need to support public school education and each new building has been state-of-the art for its time.

Growing from the rustic three Rs to a highly regarded Pleasant Ridge High School and through a 1912 annexation into the Cincinnati’s Public School system, the Pleasant Ridge school has produced spin-offs of Schroder Junior High and Woodward High School.

The Pleasant Ridge Elementary School long served the community well but for a brief period was designated as a Spanish language magnet school. However, with the adoption of the Montessori education system in 2006 and the inclusion of Amberley Village and Golf Manor in the attendance area, the Pleasant Ridge Montessori School has now returned as a “neighborhood” school with its traditional community roots firmly planted for future growth.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about the new PRM building, a LEED-certified school.