General PRM Volunteer

General Parent Volunteer Information!

(If you are interested in tutoring reading or math in the classroom, click here!)

Montessori education depends on its family and community to support the learning process.  Volunteers like you make PRM a great place to learn and grow. Below is some helpful information.

Volunteer Roles

There are so many ways to help!  Here are a few ways you can help out as a parent and where to get started. Each and every one of these is vital and a part of what makes PRM amazing – from adding your email to the Keep Me Posted List to helping at events and fundraisers to helping in your child’s classroom to a longer-term role on the PTO, Foundation, or other committee.

  •!  You can help support PRM and your student just by signing up for the PTO Keep Me Posted email list.  Add the calendar to your computer or phone, subscribe to the calendar to keep informed!
  • Parent groups:  Attend a parent group meeting like PTO, Foundation, Boosters, LSDMC, ILT or Mens Group!  Check out the calendar for dates and times, click here.
  • Classroom Helpers (requires badge): Room Parent, wash rugs, bring in food or even come in just to sharpen pencils, contact your student’s teacher.
  • Chaperones (requires badge):  Chaperone a field trip! Contact your student’s teacher to volunteer for field trips throughout the year.
  • Events and Parties: Help plan, give time or just show up for various community events or fundraising events. Examples include Fall Festival, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Event or the Silent Auction. Contact PTO and Foundation presidents.  You can find their contact information in the Volunteer Directory.
  • Year long Volunteer roles: Dig a little deeper and take on a longer-term role in the parent groups, like PTO, Foundation or be a parent representative to the district groups with teachers and administration like ILT and LSDMC.  You can find the presidents and parent representatives in the Volunteer Directory.

Get a CPS Volunteer Badge!

For any volunteer role requiring you to be in the school during school hours or on field trips, you must have a CPS volunteer badge. Please complete the following steps:

1. Get a background check. Go to the Hamilton County Justice Center (at 1000 Sycamore Ave.) with your driver’s license / state ID to get a local check for $5.00 (cash only). Your compliance is necessary for the protection of our students. Background checks are good for 5 years. (If you live outside Hamilton County, please obtain your local from the county where you live or contact us if you have questions).

2. Contact Jamie Donaldson, [email protected], our tutoring volunteer coordinator.  Please bring the original copy of your local background check and your driver’s license / state ID, so we can order your CPS badge.