Hello PRM Staff! Thank you for all that you do for our children and school every day.  Here are some resources the PTO and Foundation have made available to you as a teacher at PRM:

PTO Teacher Funds

The PRM PTO has a strong commitment to support our PRM classrooms. Each year the PTO reviews how much it has fund-raised during that year, and votes on an amount it can allocate for each teacher to use in his or her classroom. Every teacher at PRM receives this stipend for materials, called Teacher Grants. Unused funds will not roll over to the following year. In addition to this, the PTO designates an amount for each 3-12 classroom to use towards field trip expenses. Unused funds will not roll over to the following year.

PTO/Foundation Reimbursement Form

Classroom fundraising at DonorsChoose.org

Raise money for specific projects in your classroom.

How it works: Set up a fundraising campaign for your classroom on DonorsChoose.org. Let us know by submitting an update to the prmrocks.org website, click here.

Free and fast shipping with Amazon Prime

Get fast and free shipping directly to school for all your Amazon shopping.

How it works: Shop amazon, find the classroom supplies and resources you need, then contact Tami Kauffman at [email protected] to place your order.

Technology Supplies at TechSoup

The PRM Foundation pays the fees that allow you to use TechSoup. Here, you can buy discounted software and hardware for your classroom.

How it works: Search the site to find what you need. Then, email the Foundation by contacting RuthAnne Wolfe and sending the specific details of what you’d like to purchase. RuthAnne will then contact you with the login information and talk to you about the best way to pay for everything.

Cincinnati Montessori Society

This organization helps parents and teachers of Montessori schools in the city. Visit www.cincinnatimontessorisociety.org/resources/for-teachers for a list of teacher resources. PRM is listed under the CPS montessori schools as a member.

How it works: Contact the society directly with questions.