About Your PRM Parent Teacher Organization (PTO):

  • PTO is the Parent Teacher Organization that is made up of parents, teachers, and the principals. All parents at PRM are automatically members of PTO.
  • PTO helps with the communication between parents and school staff regarding upcoming events, important dates and deadlines, etc. Check back at this website for the calendar to see what is going on at PRM!
  • PTO organizes events as a way for families to connect and to support our teachers. Events such as the Summer Potluck Dinner, Ice Cream Social, Fall Festival, as well as student and adult parties and Staff Appreciation days.
  • PTO helps coordinate the Room parents for each community at PRM. Also, Room Parents help connect the teacher and the families of the classroom community. Room Parents help communicate needs, help plan celebrations, recruit volunteers, send reminders of upcoming PRM events and organize teacher gifts. Room parents are also there to help you with information and questions! To find out your child’s room parent, check the volunteer directory page. You can also contact your child’s teacher or contact Ally Richer at [email protected]

PTO Leadership 2020-2021

Elizabeth Johnson, President:

Elizabeth and her husband, Kevin, have been a part of the PRM community since 2011. They have two children, Aiden (7th grader at Walnut Hills High School) and Caroline (6th grader at PRM). They both attended PRM as 3 year old preschools all the way through to 6th grade. Elizabeth is passionate about welcoming families through Buddy Families and supporting our community. Contact her at [email protected]

Melissa Kyrlach, Vice President: Aka Missy! She and her hubs revamped the website two years ago and will keep at it as long as they are here! They love being a part of PRM with their four kids! Missy is an artist who has multiple passions, one of which is PRM as well as photography, printmaking, writing, piano, guitar, singing and flute. Contact Missy at [email protected].

Diane O’Brian, Secretary: Diane (and her husband Mike) are proud PRM parents to 3rd graders Audrey and Ellery.  She has been her kids room parent every year, and is also the third grade Girl Scout leader at PRM.  Diane is grateful for all the parental involvement that help make PRM the amazing school it is! [email protected]

Rebecca Hellwig, Treasurer: Rebecca has been a part of the PRM family for six years now starting when her oldest daughter, Sadie, began preschool. Now Sadie is a 3rd grader and her twin siblings, Leona and Jude, are in kindergarten.  Rebecca was a part of the PRM staff last year working with the 3-6 team.  This school year, she has moved to Rees E Price Academy and is teaching in a Primary Autism Unit.  Contact Rebecca at [email protected].

PTO Meeting Minutes 2020-2021!

2019-2020 Minutes! (Past PTO Minutes, click here).

PTO April Meeting 2020 cancelled due to school closure