PRM wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing volunteers!  Sort by group, name, or position or search for a name with the search tool! Updated July 2020!

Volunteer Directory

wdt_ID Role Name Email Address Parent Group
1 President Elizabeth Johnson [email protected] PTO Leadership
2 Vice-President Missy Kyrlach [email protected] PTO Leadership
3 Secretary Diane O'Brian [email protected] PTO Leadership
4 Financial Support Rebecca Helwig [email protected] PTO Leadership
5 Website Missy Kyrlach [email protected] PTO Leadership
6 President (Fundraising Champion) Emma Massie [email protected] Foundation Leadership
7 Vice-President (Initiatives Champion) Sara Bourgeois [email protected] Foundation Leadership
8 Secretary Foundation Leadership
9 Treasurer Tami Kauffman [email protected] Foundation Leadership
10 Parent Representative Katie Thompson [email protected] ILT
Role Name Email Address Parent Group

Room Parent Directory

wdt_ID Level Room Teacher Room Parents Room Parent Emails
1 3-6 1136 Kristy Miller Laura Morales [email protected]
2 3-6 1116 Carolyn St. John Amanda Bennett [email protected]
3 3-6 1101 Paisley Starbuck Shannon Quay [email protected]
4 3-6 1103 Ellen Vahue Emily Lie [email protected]
5 3-6 1105 Jenn Adamson Michelle Marlow [email protected]
6 3-6 1107 Marissa Johnson Jessica Kief [email protected]
7 3-6 1117 Tonya Cook Erin Horn [email protected]
8 6-9 2214 Megan Kline Missy Kyrlach and Alma Garces [email protected] and [email protected]
9 6-9 1121 Kaitlyn Metersky Diane O'Brian [email protected]
10 6-9 1115 Zakiya Phillips Becky Norris [email protected]
Level Room Teacher Room Parents Room Parent Emails