PRM wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing volunteers!  Sort by group, name, or position or search for a name with the search tool!

The Volunteer directory was last Updated July 2021 and is currently being updated as we finalize the information!

The Room Parent directory will be updated in mid-August. If you would like to be a room parent for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact Ally Richer at [email protected]!

Volunteer Directory

wdt_ID Role Name Email Address Parent Group
1 PTO President Missy Kyrlach [email protected] PTO Leadership
2 PTO Vice-President Antoinette Moore [email protected] PTO Leadership
3 Secretary Diane O'Brian [email protected] PTO Leadership
4 Financial Support Susana Chamlee [email protected] PTO Leadership
5 Website Missy Kyrlach [email protected] PTO Leadership
6 Foundation President (Fundraising Champion) Sara Bourgeois [email protected] Foundation Leadership
7 Foundation Vice-President (Initiatives Champion) Marissa Albright [email protected] Foundation Leadership
8 Secretary Allie Goodman [email protected] Foundation Leadership
9 Treasurer Meredith Haluga [email protected] Foundation Leadership
10 Parent Representative Katie Thompson [email protected] ILT
Role Name Email Address Parent Group

Room Parent Directory

wdt_ID Level Room Teacher Room Parents Room Parent Emails
1 3-6 1136 Kristy Miller Laura Morales [email protected]
2 3-6 1116 Carolyn St. John Amanda Bennett [email protected]
3 3-6 1101 Paisley Starbuck Shannon Quay [email protected]
4 3-6 1103 Ellen Vahue Emily Lie [email protected]
5 3-6 1105 Jenn Adamson Michelle Marlow [email protected]
6 3-6 1107 Marissa Johnson Jessica Kief [email protected]
7 3-6 1117 Tonya Cook Erin Horn [email protected]
8 6-9 2214 Megan Kline Missy Kyrlach and Alma Garces [email protected] and [email protected]
9 6-9 1121 Kaitlyn Metersky Diane O'Brian [email protected]
10 6-9 1115 Zakiya Phillips Becky Norris [email protected]
Level Room Teacher Room Parents Room Parent Emails