The Pleasant Ridge School Foundation (PRSF) is the nonprofit arm of PRM, which allows PRM to fundraise and accept tax‐deductible donations. The Foundation is made up of parents/guardians, staff and community volunteers who develop large scale initiatives in the school.

2023-2024 Foundation Leaders

Foundation President Ally Richer ([email protected])

Foundation Vice President, Laura Schatz Morales ([email protected])

Foundation Secretary, Marissa Rowley ([email protected])

Foundation Treasurer, Meredith Haluga ([email protected])

2021-2022 Foundation Meeting Minutes

October Minutes, Click here.

September Minutes, Click here.

2020-2021 Foundation Meeting Minutes

Minutes will be posted 2-4 weeks after meeting held when minutes are approved.

March Minutes

February Minutes

January Minutes

November Minutes

October Minutes

2019-2010 Foundation Meeting Minutes

Foundation Minutes 2018-2019

Foundation Minutes 2017-2018