6th Grade Families!

One of the wonderful things we get to figure out with our 6th graders this year is where they plan to go next year!  

PRM staff and parents of PRM alumni have put together a document to hopefully help navigate this process and provide some first hand experience/expectations.  Please note, that this is written based on experiences during non-COVID school years so I would expect some differences as we move through this school year. This can be an anxious time for us all under normal circumstances, so please feel free to reach out to me or other parents listed in the document with any questions, comments, etc.  

We are planning to keep this document “live” with the goal of updating with dates, new information, etc. as we move through this school year so if you run into anything that doesn’t seem correct, a link not working, etc. please let me know. 

Questions Contact Marissa Albright: [email protected] or your child’s teacher!