The job of the teacher is to now look at the world’s interconnectedness and prepare the environment to reveal it to them.
– Maria Montessori

A 6-9 student learns about the earth, sun and moon.

The next plane of development Maria Montessori discusses is ages 6-9, the second plane of development. Dr. Montessori calls this plane a “calm phase of uniform growth”. The 6-9 child is building a foundation of skills that will be further developed in 9-12.

Dr. Montessori believed that at this stage of development the child’s possibilities and capacities are endless. This level will provide a wealth of curriculum that feeds the elementary child’s need for knowledge and understanding. Through their work, the child becomes a self-directed and self- disciplined learner.

Much like 3-6, there are work choices, movement with purpose, and freedom within limits. This structure has choice, where children learn to manage their time, plus manage and prioritize their work. Ultimately, this structure is a preparation for life.

“The elementary child has reached a new level of development. Before he was interested in things: working with his hands, learning their names. Now he is interested mainly in the how and why; the problem of cause and effect,” Dr. Montessori states.