Annual Magazine Sale!

Online Fundraising ~ Virtual No-Touch Sale BEGINS September 21st!

Need Reading Materials for D.E.A.R. time? How about some magazines? This is our annual MAGAZINE fundraising drive. We are raising funds to provide financial support for scholarships, resources, field trips, our outdoor education spaces and to support the mission of the school which is to offer every neighborhood child a quality Montessori education, collaborating with the community in a peaceful and environmentally conscious setting, which nurtures a lifelong love of learning.

It is easy to support us. Just click on this link:

  1.  Register with our GROUP ID: BTWC652320
  2.  Send emails to yourself, friends and family
  3.  Post on your social media
  4.  Make a purchase

Send 15 emails + minimum 1 online order by 9/28/20 to earn $5 Skyline + $5 Graeter’s gift card. 

See Prize Adventure Flyer and VIDEO online at:

Your participation SUPPORTS, BENEFITS & ENRICHES our people and programs.